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Bakery spreads “sweet delight” to struggling children and homeless

A local Wheeling bakery seeing the plight of those young and old alike struggling with adversities whether it be economic, developmentally delayed, or other physical and mental abuses makes a long-term commitment to provide bakery goods, for a sweet escape, that so many do not have the opportunity to enjoy.

Mariana’s Bakery owners Miguel and Carmen Gonzalez have always had a strong sense of community and have donated cakes and cookies on the occasion there was a need for those less fortunate, but they have now made a major commitment to bring some sweet joy into the lives of those in need in the Wheeling and surrounding Chicagoland area. “Our son Miguel Jr. volunteers for a program called the Mobile Theater Unit that the American Aid Foundation runs in which they do “movie nights” for developmentally delayed children, abused children, homeless Veterans and other homeless. He talked so much about what an outstanding program this is and how happy it makes those children that attend” said Miguel. “After seeing this program firsthand we felt this was the perfect way for us to start giving back, in a big way, to the community, that has supported our business for so many years, by supplying the American Aid Foundation with cakes, cookies and pastries for each “movie night” event.

 “When we saw this wonderful program and talked to those running the Foundation about this and their other programs, helping homeless Veterans and other homeless, we knew we found the perfect organization to provide our wonderful bakery goods to and that they would be used to help those who really would appreciate our bakery goods that they normally don’t get a chance to eat” added Carmen.

Mariana’s Bakery has since expanded their donations to include the America Aid Foundation’s Homeless Comfort And Care program that helps aid homeless Veterans and other homeless by delivering much needed items to them directly on the streets where those in the worst situations live.

 “It’s a commitment that we are proud to donate to and being able to see the end results of where are donations go makes it even more satisfying” said Miguel.

 The American Aid Foundation welcomes any other businesses that would like to help out those less fortunate in the Chicagoland area and invites anyone interested to come see their programs in action.


Thank you to RR Donnelly for their donation of Office/School supplies to help us with our You Are Important! program. These items are much needed by children from needy families whom are struggling to make ends meet.



Ideal Pillow, Inc. of North Carolina made it's first donation to the American Aid Foundation to help bring compassion and comfort into the lives of the many homeless veterans and other homeless. "We are so glad our donation of pillows will bring a positive effect on the lives of the homeless veterans as well as other homeless" said Ideal Pillow, Inc.'s Celena Edwards.

(Foundation Director Carmen Gonzalez and Foundation Founder/President Frank Slove stand in front of some of the donations received from Ideal Pillow, Inc. of North Carolina)