You Are Important!

Bringing Positive Life Experiences To Those In Need


This American Aid Foundation program is designed to bring positive life experiences to those who are in need such as hospitalized, special needs, abused or neglected children, seniors in nursing homes or hospitalized Veterans and others struggling with life's hardships. With our Mobile Theater Unit we bring the full surround sound theater experience to those the program serves. The program also provides educational/entertainment outings for special needs children and other outings for adults that either entertain or even provide a possible job education as well. Even the occasional delivery of some goodies (pastries, gifts etc.) brings a smile to those the program serves.

The main idea behind our You Are Important! program is to let the people (we created the program for) know that they are important in this world and there are people who care about them and want to make their lives more enjoyable through our various activities. It's truly amazing how little it takes to bring a smile to the face of a special needs child or one that has a serious medical condition. It's equally easy to bring a smile to the face of a senior or homeless person who feels they are un needed but knowing we are there just for them can mean everything!

More pictures from the above event can be seen by clicking here.