Homeless Comfort & Care

 Providing Comfort & Care To Military Veterans And Others That Are Homeless/Disabled

The American Aid Foundation is dedicated to helping out our homeless Americans, especially homeless military Veterans! We feel the plight of the homeless/disabled military Veterans is an especially sad one because those who put their lives on the line for our freedom should NEVER have to deal with not having a roof over their head or a meal to eat! Please help us relieve the hopelessness that these homeless/disabled military Veterans and other homeless experience by generously donating to the American Aid Foundation so that together we may help to eliminate the tragedy of homelessness.

"NEVER did I ever imagine that while I was fighting for my country and risking my life (being proud to do so for our great country), in my one tour in Iraq and two tours in Afghanistan, that I would later find myself homeless when I returned home to a job that did not exist anymore and a job market that was the worse it's been since the depression!"
Anonymous US Marine Veteran

Homeless Statistics


→  45% suffer from mental illness 
→  50% have substance abuse problems
→  67% served three or more years
→  33% were stationed in a war zone
→  25% have used VA Homeless Services
→  89% received an honorable discharge

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

There are 200,000 homeless veterans on any one day, up to 400,000 during any year; 97% of the homeless veterans (194,000) are male, and 3% (6,000) female on any one day. These are the VA's best estimates. No one is really counting. 56% (112,000) are African American or Hispanic.

So Why Do Veterans Experience Homelessness?

Just like non-veterans, vulnerability to homelessness among veterans is caused by a variety of factors. A study of Vietnam-era veterans by Rosenheck and Fontana demonstrated that the two factors with the greatest effect on homelessness were support in the year after discharge from military service and social isolation.

This is consistent with the results of a study by Tessler and Rosenheck which showed that homeless veterans experiencing the longest current episodes of homelessness were those who also had "behavioral risk factors with possible early onset, and those who were lacking in social bonds to civilian society that are normally conferred by employment, marriage, and support from family of origin."

Personal Hygiene, Comfort Items, Food Needed For
Homeless Military Veterans and Other Homeless!

The American Aid Foundation is asking you to consider donating personal hygiene and comfort items to go along with the food we already deliver to the homeless military Veterans and other homeless directly on the streets that they are sadly living on (through our Homeless Comfort & Care program). You can check out our Wish List to see more details of what is needed for our Homeless Comfort & Care program. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at (847) 363-1332 or you may eMail us at Donations@AmericanAidFoundation.org to arrange for drop-off or pickup (for larger donations). If your company, club, organization or religious group would like to sponsor a fundraising or collection of these needed items please feel free to contact us and we can assist you in getting the word out to the public through press releases and other venues to help maximize your exposure for the event.


Delivering Goodies To Homeless

Delivering some goodies to one of the homeless shelters we serve.